Antagonist Zero biography 2016

In the last six years Antagonist Zero have gone from playing small clubs in Finland to large venues and festivals all around the world. They have introduced the world to a unique blend of doom, death/black and post metal, creating an atmospheric nightscape of melodic melancholy and aggressive reflection.

The band was formed in 2010 by guitarists Ben and Juho, who wanted to do something different from the heavily death and thrash dominated metal scene in Southern Finland at the time. The founding idea was to have an open-minded approach and combine elements from different kinds of music into a type of metal they would like to listen to themselves. The band came together from a group of experienced musicians familiar to listeners from bands including Coprolith, Adastra, Lost in Tears and Cavus.

In 2012 Violent Journey Records released Antagonist Zero’s Nighttime Harmony, a three-song EP, followed by their debut full-length album Doomed. The albums received praise from music media globally. Reviewers compared the sound to early Anathema and Katatonia, Opeth, Amorphis, Isis, Draconian and Ghost Brigade. In autumn 2015 Inverse Records released No Tears, a slow-burning five-song MCD featuring three original songs and two covers.

During the release of No Tears, the band went through a change in line-up, as Ville and Fredde could no longer keep up with the band’s schedule. They were replaced by Juho Haapiainen on bass and clean vocals. In 2016, the band is working on their second full-length album.

In addition to playing shows in Finland, Antagonist Zero have been touring extensively in Estonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, China and the Czech Republic. They have toured with bands including Fortid, Paean, Psilocybe Larvae and Gra, and shared stages with Marduk, Asphyx, Pyogenesis, Tankard and Aborted, to name a few. In fall 2016, Antagonist Zero will be touring Spain with Noctem and Negura Bunget.

Antagonist Zero can be wholeheartedly recommended to anyone with an interest for atmospheric death and doom metal.

Active Members

Ben Pakarinen
guitars & vocals

Juho Suokas

Jussi Ruokolainen

Juho Haapiainen
bass & clean vocals

Past Members

Aleksi Tervo

Ville Siikamäki
clean vocals

Fredde Sjöblom