We will hit the road again on 11 March with our Transylvanian brothers Negură Bunget. The tour will go across Finland and the Baltics. See you at the shows!

  • 11/03/2017 - Porvoo (FI) - La Fiesta
  • 12/03/2017 - Lahti (FI) - Torvi
  • 13/03/2017 - Tampere (FI) - Klubi
  • 14/03/2017 - Vantaa (FI) - Bar Rock Bear
  • 15/03/2017 - Helsinki (FI) - Nosturi
  • 16/03/2017 - Tallinn (EE) – Tapper
  • 17/03/2017 - Riga (LV) - Nabaklab
  • 18/03/2017 - Kaunas (LT) - Lemmy
  • 19/03/2017 - Warsaw (PL) - Metal Cave


Upcoming shows:

  • 19.11.2016 Verilampi - Bloodlake Festival, Ravintola La Barre, Joensuu
  • 9.12.2016 Rockstar`s, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 10.12.2016 Ülde Rock 2016, Tartu, Estonia

See you there!


Spain tour

We are happy to announce our first tour on Iberian ground next October! Together with the legendary Negură Bunget from Romania and our Spanish brothers Noctem we shall deliver on the following dates:

  • 27/10 – Salamanca – Nave Bunker
  • 28/10 – Madrid – Sala Silikona
  • 29/10 – Zaragoza – C.C. Valdefierro
  • 30/10 – Barcelona – Sala Monasterio



New video out now!

Featuring footage of the new line-up on tour and re-recorded clean vocals.


While we are working on our upcoming full-lenght album it´s time to announce the first shows for this year:

  • 5.2.2016 Lepakkomies, Helsinki w/ Wrathrone, Rebellix
  • 4.3.2016 La Fiesta, Porvoo w/ Generation Divided, Sielunrepijä
  • 18.3.2016 Pub Verstas, Lahti w/ Wrathrone, Sarvas
  • 19.3.2016 Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa w/ Wrathrone, Final Dawn


No Tears out now in Spain!

Order the album here:


The making of No Tears video online!

And the last shows for this year:
18.12.2015 Semifinaali, Helsinki, Finland w/ Heaven Grey (Lat), Red Moon Architect
19.12.2015 Club Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia w/ Heaven Grey (Lat), ITK (Est)


Collaboration with Art Gates Records

We are happy to announce a collaboration with the finest label in Spain, Art Gates Records!

No Tears release dates:
14.12.2015 Spain
18.01.2016 Europe & worldwide


Follow us on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter:


Upcoming shows

Upcoming shows:

  • 6.11.2015 Dog´s Home, Tampere
  • 7.11.2015 TVO, Turku
  • 20.11.2015 Rock Star´s, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 21.11.2015 Rock `n Roll Club, Tartu, Estonia
  • 18.12.2015 Semifinaali, Helsinki
  • 19.12.2015 Club Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia

More info on the live section.



Upcoming tour dates:

  • 4.9 Black Pool, Järvenpää, Finland
  • 5.9 Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 8.9 Tawerna, Rumia, Poland
  • 9.9 Sasiedzi, Elblag, Poland
  • 10.9 Komin, Suwalki, Poland
  • 11.9 Melna Piektdiena, Antithesis V Fest, Riga, Latvia
  • 12.9 Melno Cepurīšu Balerija, Jelgava, Latvia

Facebook event:


Changes in our line-up

We have some changes to announce in our line-up.

Unfortunately Ville and Fredde are unable to continue playing with Antagonist Zero mainly due to not having enough time for the band.

We still remain the best of friends and wish them success in their future endeavours.

They will be replaced by Juho Haapiainen on bass and clean vocals.

The first show with our new line-up will be at Dark River festival in Kotka, Finland on 15 August. See you there!

In life, you might come upon a situation where you have to choose from two different paths.

The path I’ve been walking with Antagonist Zero has been one of the greatest journeys I’ve made in my whole life.

I’ve been touring all over Europe and even in China with this crazy bunch of motherfuckers, and I have to admit it has been the thing I’ve always dreamed of.

However, the other path, the time with my wife and kids is the most important thing for me along my other band Adastra, and because of this I cannot continue as a vocalist of Antagonist Zero. To put it simply, too much things and too little time.

I want to thank all the people, bands and fans I have had the privilige to meet along the way, because of you it has been a blast to be part of Antagonist Zero!

Ben, Juho, Jussi and Fredde, The Kings of Jaloviina, I SALUTE YOU!!!

”I’m fading away…”

-Ville Siikamäki 13.8.2015


Pre-listen to No Tears on Kaaoszine

Pre-listen to No Tears streamed in its entirety on Kaaoszine.fi for one week! http://kaaoszine.fi/antagonist-zeron-uusi-ep-kaaoszinen-ennakkokuuntelussa

The album is out 14 August. Worldwide pre-orders from:


No Tears

As the Finnish summer draws to an end and the nights grow darker and colder by the day, we bring you our new release: No Tears MCD.
No Tears consists of five songs: three originals and two covers.
The originals are a harbinger of an upcoming full-length album, demonstrating new elements in Antagonist Zero's music.
The two cover songs are familiar to listeners from the band's live shows.

No Tears will be released through Inverse Records on August 14.
The release show will be at the Dark River festival, Kotka August 15.
More tour dates will be announced soon.

You can pre-order No Tears worldwide here:


Antagonist Zero: No Tears

  • No Tears (9:12)
  • Profound Oblivion (7:22)
  • Suru (7:27)
  • Missä Muruseni On (4:37)
  • The Lachrymal Sleep (7:26)


Dark River Festival

Antagonist Zero confirmed to play at Dark River Festival, Kotka, Finland.



Howls of Winter

It has been a while that we haven`t updated these pages. But that doesn`t mean that we haven´t done anything.

We are happy to tell you that our new album is under the mixing!

And while the the progress continues we will announce the first live show for this Doomed year 2015!

More live dates and info of the upcoming release will follow soon, stay tuned!


China Tour 2013

We are thrilled to announce that Antagonist Zero is heading to China!

This will be the last tour we are promoting the Doomed album.
Unfortunately Fredde won`t be able to take part on this tour so the bass duties will be handled by our good old friend Jouni Korhonen (Cavus, Coprolith).

After this China invasion we will start the pre-production for the new album and in December we`ll enter the COH studio once again!!!

We will keep you updated during the process.
Reach out for the stars, to achieve eternal night!


November to Dismember Metal Fest

We are happy to announce that Antagonist Zero will perform in the November to Dismember Metal Fest, Bucharest, Romania 28-30.11.2014!

We`ll be sharing the stage with bands such as Tankard, Asphyx, Morgoth Pyogenesis etc


THMW 2014

Hello from the AZ camp!

The writing of our new album is almost finished.

We are happy to take a break from this studio silence and take part in this awesome festival, THMW 2014.

We will also perform NEW material exclusively!

See you all there!!!


Hard Rock Laager 2013

We are proud to announce that Antagonist Zero will be playing Estonia's no. 1 Metal festival, Hard Rock Laager. The festival is held in Vana-Vigala, Estonia on 28–29 June 2013. AZ will be joining an awesome line-up, featuring bands such as Testament, Marduk and Cryptopsy as well as their good friends Psilocybe Larvae.

In addition, we are sad to announce that Aleksi will no longer be joining Antagonist Zero on drums. He will be replaced by Jussi Ruokolainen from Adastra, who has already proven himself a great drummer during the Doomed/Northern Chaos pt.2 tour this May. Aleksi will be dearly missed, but meanwhile we welcome Jussi into this group of hippies also known as Antagonist Zero.

See you at HRL!


Next week we will hit the road again with our mates Fortid (Nor) and Grà (Swe)


w/ Fortid (Nor), Grà (Swe)
9.5.2013 PRKL Club, Hellsinki, Finland
10.5.2013 Taidetehdas, Porvoo, Finland
11.5.2013 ClubTapper, Tallin, Estonia

w/ Grà (Swe), Kill (Swe)
16.5.2013 Club Püssy a go go, Stockholm, Sweden
17.5.2013 Bergsprängaren, Falun, Sweden
18.5.2013 TBA, Gothenburg, Sweden


The Damager's Festival vol. 1

The first live show for this Doomed year 2013 will be at The Damager's Festival vol. 1

More live dates will follow soon!


We´re happy to announce a collaboration with spanish label Art Gates Records!

The "Doomed" album will be released in Spain 11.2.2013!

More info through AGR website
Pre-order album here: http://www.artgatesrecords.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=57



Doomed album out now!

Order the album worldwide here: http://www.recordshopx.com/artist/antagonist_zero/doomed/

Upcoming tour dates:

Doomed Tour to Nothingness 2012

  • 28.09.2012 @ PRKL Club, Hellsinki w/ Psilocybe Larvae (RUS), Kausalgia
  • 29.09.2012 @ Bar Soho, Porvoo w/ Psilocybe Larvae (RUS), Bloodred Hourglass
  • 05.10.2012 @ Meln? Piektdiena, Doomevening Riga, Latvia w/ Psilocybe Larvae (RUS), Frailty (LAT), Relicseed (LAT), Sovvajniks (LAT)
  • 06.10.2012 @ Rock Klub Tapper, Tallin, Estonia w/ Paean (EST), SyrCity (EST)
  • 20.10.2012 @ LaBarre, Joensuu w/ Serpenthia
  • 17.11.2012 @ Rock House club, Moscow, Russia w/ Psilocybe Larvae (RUS), Black Art (RUS), The Morningside (Rus), Voiceless Void (RUS)
  • 18.11.2012 @ Arctica club, St Petersburg, Russia w/ Psilocybe Larvae (RUS)


Exclusive pre-listening to "Doomed" album now for a week through Imperiumi!



To go along with these darkening autumn nights, we are ready to release our first full-length album, Doomed, on 28 September 2012.

The album is released through Violent Journey Records.



  • Nighttime Harmony 9:08
  • AZ 7:14
  • Catatonic 5:58
  • Fading 5:23
  • Doomed 12:08
  • Total running time: 39:51

You can pre-order the album now worldwide: http://www.recordshopx.com/artist/antagonist_zero/doomed/

The album release party will be held in Club Prkl, Helsinki and Bar Soho, Porvoo on 28 and 29 September, respectively. More Doomed tour dates will be announced soon.


Studio sessions completed!
Now we hand the material and duties to Wäinö Komulainen at the Musiikkiveistämö. Stay tuned for updates of the album release.

We are also confirmed to play at the Selviytyjät Private Metal Fest 17-19.8.2012 (http://www.selviytyjat.net/). More live dates will follow soon!


While we are sweating in the studio, check this shit out!
The first edition of Nighttime Harmony-Ep was sold out so we will offer you new exclusive limited edition!

Nighttime Harmony EP & T-shirt bundle: 15€ out now!


So place your order before it´s too late to:

Shipping worldwide.
(Postage is not included in the price)


Studio sessions started at the Chamber of Hate!

So we have entered the COH studios once to record our first full-lenght album. You can follow our doomed sessions through the blog here!


Before the official Northern Chaos Tour video is ready, check this out...

30.5.2012 - Northern Chaos tour 2012

Live pics from the Northern Chaos Tour!
Check out the media section here!
Pics by Hannu Mikkola


Hellish summer holiday trip coming up!!!


14.3.2012 - Antagonist Zero presents their debut release: Nighttime Harmony EP – 2012.

This display of the finest art of catatonic metal is only available as a limited edition of 100 copies.

For more information and to purchase your copy, contact:


Price: 5 € + (s)hipping

Reach out for the stars to achieve eternal night…

Here you can find the digital release: